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About Us

Precision Engines LLC is a world leader in the overhaul and repair of Pratt & Whitney and Curtiss Wright radial engines. We have been in continuous operation at our facility for over 34 years. We are the only shop still overhauling in the airline tradition and we are proud of our product. Our current owner purchased the company in 1980 and revitalized the operation by pursuing contracts world-wide.

Precision's overhaul specification is more stringent than the Pratt & Whitney Radial engine overhaul manual. Through experience we have identified many areas of the engine that receive new parts instead of serviceable parts and tighter overhaul tolerances to extend the reliability and longevity of the overhaul.

Canadair(Bombardier) designed the CL-215 to take advantage of the power of radial engines. After using various suppliers for preliminary production runs they settled on Precision in 1982. We produced a run of 120 engines for production aircraft. Precision also worked extensively with Canadair to refine CES 1000, the engineering specification, to ensure maximum engine performance in high stress application. Adherence to CES 1000 is essential to the successful operation of the CL-215 both in the area of field safety, and achieving expected TBO.

The issue that most operators raise is the availability of parts. We are addressing this issue in two ways: By new manufacture and by locating and acquiring existing stocks. We are continually investing in the infrastructure of the radial engine industry. Since the early ‘80s we have been manufacturing consumables, such as rocker box cover gaskets and piston rings and pins. In 1985 we purchased the manufacturing rights to the Bendix/Stromberg carburetor line to produce factory new diaphragms.13 years ago we obtained the FAA Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) for the R2800 cylinder barrel. In 1998 we purchased Aircraft Supplies, a major manufacturer for P & W and Curtis Wright parts, and acquired over 1200 PMAs for internal engine components that we plan to put into work as the need arises. Our most recent endeavor has been the manufacture of new R-2800 cylinders. Other acquisitions include Champion CL-215 ignition leads and the Titeflex ignition products inventory and manufacturing capabilities. We are working in other directions, as well, to expand our manufacturing capability even further to ensure the availability of quality radial engine parts.

From 2000 to 2009 Precision provided propulsion support for the Caribou aircraft operated by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). Over the contract period the reliability and maintainability improved markedly. In fact by the end of the contract, the on wing time between removals increased by 260%.

Precision Engines has worked with CL-215 operators world-wide to improve piston engine operations. We have overhauled over 350 engines for CL-215 operators. Some operators have extended TBOs from Canadair’s recommended 900 hours to 1300 hours or more. Precision has performed classroom training, as well as training in the field, for operators world-wide. Our product support department is available to answer questions, trouble shoot, dispatch parts, or assist in any way possible when needed.


"QDS wishes to thank Precision Engines LLC for the support, teamwork and splendid working relationships that we have enjoyed throughout the term of the contract."
- Paul Welch, Manager, Qantas Defense Services Pty Ltd