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 May 9, 2015

PS-5 Exchange Carburetors in Stock

We now have several overhauled "0" time model PS-5C and PS-5BD carburetors in stock.

Call or email to check availability for your part number.


 Dec 18, 2014
 The Future of Carburetor Diaphragms

For the past 30 years, Precision Engines has been manufacturing the Bendix/Stromberg carburetor diaphragms to support the aviation industry. The two main materials used in these diaphragms are the original Buna-N (black) and the newer Fluorosilicone (Orange). Of these two materials, Fluorosilicone has shown to be the superior material with regards to shelf life and longevity.

Within the last few years, Precision has been faced with the challenge of increased prices for obtaining the Buna-N material. To meet this challenge and to help keep price increases in check, Precision has begun replacing the Buna-N diaphragms with the Fluorosilicone material. The replacement process involves revising prints, molding the diaphragms, testing, and meeting FAA PMA requirements.

Our continuing goal is to meet the radial operator’s needs and to ensure the longevity of the radial engines.