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The Precision Quality Difference

Our radial engine overhaul process incorporate the most stringent standards in the industry. With an In-House Quality Assurance Program exceeding industry standards, superior technical personnel, state of the art test cell and excellent long-term operational history, Precision Engines LLC is committed to the highest quality of workmanship, service and reliability standards.

Our world-class and advanced quality systems carry these repair certifications: FAA, EASA, and ISO 9001:2008.

We build our engines to a Precision Specification. This “internal” specification complies with the Pratt & Whitney and Curtiss-Wright overhaul specification with one very important additional fact.

When we measure a part to put into an engine, we use the “tighter” clearance allowed by the manual. Other companies may use parts that are at the end of their life or at “maximum” allowed clearance. This means that the engine they build is built with parts that may exceed P&W and CW wear limits during the life of the engine. By using our Precision specification we assure reliability.

To backup our claims, we have the best warranty in the industry.

The Precision Way

Precision Engines Standard Replacement Parts

Cylinders: All exhaust guides replaced
All exhaust valves replaced
All piston rings replaced
Power Section: Both master rod bearings replaced
Crankshaft balanced
Nose Section: All torque meter master piston liners replaced
All pinion bolts replaced
Blower Section: Impeller balanced
Fuel liner honed for trueness and all impeller seal rings replaced
All generator drive seals replaced in shaft
All idler gear bearing surfaces re-plated